Run In Lyon by Harmonie Mutuelle 2022

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Refueling and recycling

Protecting our environment is EVERYONE's concern!

Hey, runners! Here are some interesting facts about the refreshment stations and, especially, all the things you can do to protect our environment!

Refreshment stations will be set up at 5 km intervals along the courses of the various Run in Lyon races.

The locations of these refreshment stations are optimised to take road width and logistics (refreshments and waste management) into account.

The menu includes fresh fruit (bananas), dried fruit (grapes, apricots, etc.), local sausages and cheese, cherry tomatoes, spice bread, fruit jelly, biscuits made in France, a bit of sugar, TUC crackers, some cola… and, of course, plenty of water!

Take the no-litter challenge!

Run in Lyon continues to improve its approach to waste management.

We want to

  • Leave the streets squeaky clean!
  • Reuse and recycle!

Collecting and recycling waste properly can give it a new lease on life. Give it a chance!
Your contribution matters!
This year, collection facilities will be more numerous and accessible!

Clothes at the start

To stay warm before the start, use an old cotton sweatshirt, NEVER a bin bag or plastic poncho! Leave it on the roadside before crossing the start line so that we can pick it up and recycle it.

Food waste

Our volunteers are going to make it even easier for you this year by peeling bananas. Peels will then be collected and placed in compost bins to give them a second life.

Water bottles

We can turn recycled water bottles into a resource if we sort them and give them a new lease on life.

  • They can be recycled again and again,
  • hit the target to make it happen there and then.

Yellow bins with targets will be set up on each side of the road at each refreshment station and the next 700 metres.

You can toss your bottle when it best suits your pace and hydration requirements.

A bottle left on the ground will end up as solid waste.
A bottle tossed in the yellow bin will be recycled.

Your contribution makes a real difference! Thank you