2024 Registrations are open!


Run In” is more than just a race, it's a concept. A little like a work of contemporary art, but much easier to understand. “Run In” is a Festival of Running which takes place in the most beautiful cities in France and offers several routes so that everyone can join in the festivities. Simple!

Exceptional cities

If you're going to run, you might as well choose a destination worth the trip!

Run In Lyon by Harmonie Mutuelle takes place in a splendid city steeped in history and culture. Fancy visiting a museum or discovering the local heritage before the race? It's a great way to relax!

Whether you live in the area or come from further afield, Run In Lyon by Harmonie Mutuelle is an opportunity to (re-)discover the capital of French cuisine. At a running pace, perhaps, but on circuits specially reserved for you.


And for a good cause

This year, Run in Lyon by Harmonie Mutuelle invites you to run in support of the Entourage association!

Since 2023, the Entourage Sport programme has been working on two levels:

  • On a practical level, by enabling everyone to take part in sport on a regular or occasional basis
  • At the level of passion, by offering everyone the chance to thrill together at major sporting events.

An affinity programme to recreate social links and enable people in situations of extreme hardship or exclusion to re-mobilise mentally and physically through sport.

Every time you register for the Run Solidaire, €4 from your race number will be donated to the charity.
Would you like to make a donation to the charity while running another distance? You can make a donation of your choice when you register. 

Run In Lyon team !

4 routes for 4 types of runners

The other characteristic about Run In Lyon by Harmonie Mutuelle is that it has been designed as an event which is open to all.

4 routes have been designed to respond to the needs (and abilities) of all: the Charity Run (5k), a 10k, a Half-Marathon and a Marathon.

So, there's really no excuse (for your family and friends either) not to join in the fun.

All you need to do is register and reserve a table in a cosy Lyon restaurant for after the race. We're ready and waiting for you!