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Run In Lyon, it's also  a Charity Run (5K)  , a 10K, a Half-Marathon and a Marathon

Depending on what you want to achieve, your goals, your stamina and your shoes, we offer four types of race:

  • Charity Run (5K)
  • 10K
  • Half-Marathon
  • Marathon

Take advantage of the best rate when registering for the Run In Lyon by Harmonie Mutuelle by registering quickly. Good plans belong to those who register early!

For the  Charity Race , the price is unique :  18€ , 4€ of the bib will be collected and donated to the charity association

Depending on your ability and your goals, you also need to choose your starting area.

One piece of advice: don't think that, in the heat of the moment, you will suddenly run ten times faster on the big day. In general, that doesn't happen. It is important to choose the right start wave to keep a steady pace which will see you through from the start line to the finish.

Starting area 10km Semi Marathon Performance proof
Man Elite < 34 < 1h12 < 2h35 Yes
Woman Elite < 38 < 1h20 < 2h45 Yes
Preferential < 38 < 1h25 < 3h Yes
Red < 43 < 1h35 < 3h45 No
Yellow < 47 < 1h40 < 4h15 No
Blue < 51 < 1h45   No
Purple < 54 < 1h50   No
Green < 57 < 2h   No
Grey < 1h < 2h10   No
Pink < 1h05 2h10 et + 

Black 1h05 or +  -   No


The first starting areas (elite, preferential) are only accessible if you can present proof of performance. This is why you can't register for this yourself.

  • For any change of sas for an Elites, preferential, send us the proof of your performances to We will then change your position!


Of course, we only want you to have fun during the race, but sometimes unexpected things happen. We suggest that you think about any insurance that you might need to ensure that Run In Lyon by Harmonie Mutuelle is an excellent day.