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As a major event in Lyon, Run In Lyon by Harmonie Mutuelle has a duty to be exemplary, particularly in terms of eco-responsibility and inclusion.

Given that we run in the city, in nature and that we might even be running in protected areas, we must be mindful of the beauty of our environment and do everything we can to preserve it, so that we can continue to enjoy the sport we love.

Sport is a vehicle for sharing core values and, as such, we have a responsibility to pass on these values and make physical activity accessible to all.

For several years, Run In Lyon by Harmonie Mutuelle has been working on its SER (Social and Environmental Responsibility) strategy with the aim of achieving a number of sustainable commitments:


If you're new to running, this is the race for you: a 5K open to everyone from age 16 that combines solidarity, culture and sport. This is the second time that Run in Lyon by Harmonie Mutuelle is organising a Charity Run.

€4 of your entry fee will be donated to the charity when you sign up.

This year, the Marathoon’s returns the week-end of the event. After the success in 2023, she returns to delight children from 5 to 12 years old who can come and try their hand at running.

Several distances are provided according to their age.

Whatever our level, we can all challenge ourselves to take part in a race! Running is easy to get into and requires very little equipment and only some knowledge to get started. It is also an opportunity to share common ground with others, meet new people and break out of your comfort zone, while running at your own pace.

Run In Lyon's primary objective is to enable everyone to find the distance that suits them best and support them through this personal challenge. To do this, we've created various preparation and training guides that will be of great use to you in your quest to run. Find them here.


Every year, we try to implement new eco-friendly practices and we also want to give you the means to help us in this positive approach !

  • Food waste

The positioning of the refreshment points is optimised in relation to the width of the road and the ease of logistical installation (access and waste management).

Your challenge: zero waste on the road !

Our objectives: recycling and reuse.

Properly collected and recycled waste can have a second life. Food waste from the race will be collected and put into compost bins to be recycled. This year, our volunteers will make your job easier by peeling bananas. We will also increase collection facilities and make them as convenient as possible.

  • Water

Unfortunately, access to city water is limited and does not allow us to use recyclable cups or offer water bottle refilling facilities. However, we are keen to give a second life to our plastic bottles (including the cap), which are already made from recycled plastic (recycled PET). If you put it in the right bin, your bottle becomes part of the circular economy and can become a new bottle.

They are, therefore, infinitely recyclable and you can contribute to this effort by throwing them into the bins identified by targets located on each side of the road at the refreshment points and over the following 700 metres.

Ready, aim, fire !

  • Donations to non-profit associations

Any foodstuffs for runners, volunteers or the organisation that are not consumed will be donated to an association at the end of the event.

In the departure gates, you can leave a garment that you do not want to recover before you start. These clothes will be collected by the association: Les Connexions to be sorted and donated, or recycled according to their condition. You will leave this textile on the sides, inside the departure airlocks in dedicated bins.
Notice to all runners: Stay warm before the start but choose an old cotton sweatshirt and ESPECIALLY NOT a garbage bag or plastic poncho !

Lyon is a city with an excellent public transport network, and the service will be increased during Run In Lyon by Harmonie Mutuelle! Whether you're heading to Place Bellecour for the race village or Quai Romain Rolland for the start line, you'll have no trouble getting there.

If you would rather do your war up by coming to the race by bike, you can leave it at the Vélo'v station on Place Bellecour or in a bike park that will be set up to provide additional bike parking for the weekend of Run In Lyon by Harmonie Mutuelle.
As for the organisational side of things, all the race cars that oversee the runners are 100% electric.